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Our Next Intergroup Meeting:

Monday, September 19, 2022| 6:00pm

 You never know how your phone call could help someone and make them feel just a little bit better, and it will help you as well, during this time of upheaval on all of our lives.

If your 'qualifier' is having a tough time, remind them to make phone calls as well.. we all need to be there for each other.
This is a changing situation, we will do our best to communicate with everyone any other changes, but please,talk to each other, and talk to your rooms
Area 7 - Intergroup Chair person


If we are a responsible group of people and our cause is worthwhile then we should be willing to support it.

Gam-Anon Area 7 accepts contributions only from Gam-Anon members and Gam-Anon meetings. 

Personal checks or money orders can be sent to Gam-Anon area 7. 

(Remember to complete and return the Contribution Form found on this page or include a note with the needed information along with your contribution. This will help Area 7 to properly account for your contribution).

Area 7 Donation Form